RockPointe welcomes all men!

Critical to our Mission as a church is to reach and equip men to become better husbands, fathers, and leaders within their community. RockPointe’s Men Ministry exists to encourage and equip men from within our church and throughout our community to lead well in all areas of their life.

Men’s Ministry Core Values:

Men’s Ministry Verse:

“Be strong, be courageous, and let us show ourselves to be valiant men for the sake of our people and for the cities of our God” 2 Samuel 10:12

Men’s Ministry Vision:

The Men’s Ministry of RPC exists to encourage men to accept their biblical calling to lead themselves, their wives, their families, and the local church well.


We will accomplish this vision through intentionally:

  • Building a dynamic Leadership team and structure (Men’s Leadership Team)
  • Mentoring Relationships (helping men grow relationally)
  • Meaningful Discipleship Processes (helping men grow spiritually)
  • Engaging Men’s Events at church and within community
  • Consistent Outreach to men within our community

RockPointe Men’s Ministry is led by  Brandon Graham 

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Are you looking for a group of Christian men you can study the Word with? Friends you can hang out with? Brothers you can call and count on when life’s biggest challenges come your way?

We have that! Here at RockPointe, we call these groups Coffee Groups. 1/3/5 = 1 hour each week; 3 topics; same 5 guys.

These groups are the best way to stay connected and grow in your faith. The Men’s Ministry’s mission is to equip men to be Godly leaders in our homes, our church, and our community. This is our best tool to help you fulfill God’s plan in your life.

For more information, contact Brandon Graham.

Join us in serving the Men of Nehemiah and get connected with other men serving in our community.