Flourish is our discipleship/mentor ministry intentionally developing friendships among women from different generations. Women invest in the lives of each other through encouragement, guidance, listening, laughing, and loving. The goal of Flourish is to help you form lasting relationships that are a source of spiritual and personal support, growth, and strength.

What is a “Nita” and what does she do?

Nita Miller was a “spiritual mom” to many women at RPC. Nita went home to be with the Lord in 2011 but many of our women’s ministries, relationships, and standards still stand as a result of her character and legacy of true friendship. In honor of Nita, we call our “disciplers” after her.

A Nita is a mature woman striving to navigate the seasons and experiences of life through her faith and trust in Christ. She has an active and consistent relationship with Jesus and is godly in conduct. She wants to listen, share skills, and provide a positive perspective for life experiences in an uplifting atmosphere. She provides wisdom and offers spiritually sound advice in a safe and fun friendship to a younger woman.

What is required to be a Nita?

• Have a committed relationship with Jesus Christ and living an active walk of faith in Him.
• Be a RockPointe Church member.
• Participate in a brief interview by a Flourish Leader prior to serving/being matched.

What is a “Pearl” and what does she do?

The pearl holds the distinction of being the only gem that is formed within a living organism. A pearl is formed through a process of responding to an irritant (such as a grain of sand) by producing layer upon layer of protection and strength. We named our “disciples” after the pearl in recognition of their great value and immense potential. A Nita can help a Pearl grow in strength and character through loving guidance and consistent friendship with a more mature woman (Nita).

What is required to be a Pearl?

• Commit to be respectful of your Nita’s time and investment in you.
• Commit to be an active part of a church community.

“One of the greatest gifts God gives us is an earthly support system called friendship.”

– Nita Miller

How do I begin a Flourish relationship?

1. Pray and ask God to reveal the level of commitment for you to make at this time.
2. Click on the “Register Now” button below.
3. A Flourish Leaders will reach out to you for next steps.