Led/Written by
Kris Murphy

We are all living a story.

Our individual stories travel through conflict and peace, whispers and shouts, pain and joy, speaking and singing. Where is He revealing Himself in the midst of your story? How can you respond to God in the ups and downs?

Join us on a journey through the Psalms: Old Testament wisdom literature penned by various authors spanning hundreds of years. The psalmists recognized God through the entirety of their stories… and they responded in poems, prayers, and songs, sometimes alone, sometimes in community.

This spring study will dig into the Psalms focusing on how:

• God reveals. Explore the background, examine the conditions and context, and experience how God reveals Himself to us through this collection of poems, prayers, and songs.
• We respond. The Psalms are comprehensive and honest in all circumstances. Let them guide us in responding to God through the ebbs and flows of our lives today.

This study is for ANY women interested in studying the Bible – first-timers, experienced/familiar with the Bible, fairly new to the Bible, all ages 16+, any church/no church affiliation or background. Join us for 11 weeks of large group teaching and small group discussion time.