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RockPointe Church is committed to reaching people for Christ in our city, in our nation, in our world. We support missionaries and mission organizations throughout the globe – Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America.

RPC is actively involved in recruiting, training, and sending teams to be a witness in areas where we believe God has called us. Join us on mission a be a part of God moving in our nations!

Whether in the cityacross the nation or around the globe, we want to help you and your family experience God’s call to missions. For more information on how you can go, send, or support, contact Missions.

In addition to our ministry partners, RockPointe Church sends a significant portion of our designated budget to the Southern Baptists of Texas Baptist Convention – which in turn supports the International Mission Board, the largest mission sending agency in the world with over 5000 missionaries.

Join us and be a part of loving and serving others, and building relationships with a Kingdom heart and focus.

Global Ministry Partners


Patrick Vigdebor




Geoffrey Mutunga

Pastor Geoffrey has a big heart and great faith. Through the Brilliant Sharpening Community Centre and the church, his mission is to reach each life, one life at a time without hesitation.

The Wells of Joy aims at developing the slum children helping them realize life can be different from what they see. The Wells of Joy has a holistic approach to ministry with spiritual and humanitarian assistance as the love of Christ is shared through ministry and education.

Life in the slum is a daily experience of poverty and has a degrading and dehumanizing impact on human life. People are prisoners of their circumstances with daily living characterized by immorality, prostitution, crime, drugs and substance abuse, careless living and alcohol. Many parents struggle to provide for their families and shelter them from the negative influence of the environment. Pastor Geoffrey and the ministry team of Wells of Joy are prayerfully working to provide a safe environment for true life-change to occur.


David & Karen Rhodes

Kidz Konnect 4 Jesus is a long term, focused ministry that began in Belize in 2005 by David and Karen Rhodes. KK4J is all about making disciples and growing meaningful, Christ based relationships between US & Canadian Churches and Belizean villages in a true, long term partnership setting that focuses on developing disciples.

KK4J shares the Love of Jesus by introducing children and student ministry into public schools-presently 6 schools, 2,000+ children a week-and local churches. Feeding and food distribution programs have been established-close to 1 million meals annually. Medical teams are organized quarterly providing free medicine and vitamins.

KK4J provides on-going leadership development and training programs to teachers, pastors, parents and young people so that they may be “equipped” to grow and replicate.


Nexus International
Craig & Rebecca Hasselbach



Brett Medlin

Brett Medlin started Rock Foundation Cambodia in 2011 to meet the mental, physical, and spiritual needs of the local Khmer people through relationships developed through poverty assistance and community outreach.

Rock Foundation focuses on drilling freshwater wells and importing containers full of medical supplies and hospital equipment in order to improve health and overall quality of life. For the past few years, we have made a strong response to help those suffering economically because of Covid. We have done several massive food distribution outreaches for extremely poor rural villagers in 4 different provinces. We have developed relationships, discipled, and baptized 25 Khmer people. In a country that is less than 1% Christian, these relationships are crucial to sharing the Gospel. Please pray God will continue to open doors for new relationships. The number of water wells drilled to date is #367. That supplies clean water to around 200,000 precious Khmer people. Most of these families have no electricity and no clean or running water prior to Rock Foundation’s intervention. Over the past several years we have imported 19medical containers worth over $6MUSD. Also, with our Covid response in 2021alone, Rock Foundation has supplied 75,000+ lbs. of rice, 38,000+ packs of noodles, 1800 bottles of soy sauce and fish sauce, and 10,500 cans of fish to 1900+ families.

Rock Foundation believes in sustainable development and aims to create long term solutions for extremely poor Cambodian families. We don’t just want to give out resources, but want to invest time in teaching, training, and equipping those who need some help, and are willing to help themselves.

How can you Go Beyond?

Pray for continued impact in the lives of the Khmer people and that they may come to know Jesus as Lord and Savior. Remember Brett and his team daily by in prayer.
Go serve alongside Brett in Cambodia.
Give your financial resources to help fund much-needed water wells, rice, and medical supplies. Give an encouraging word through email.
Dominican Republic

Bill & Peggy Pearson

In November 2006, Bill and Peg moved to the Dominican Republic to begin work as missionaries. God moved specifically in Bill’s life placing him in the Dominican Republic at the age of 66.

Between November 2006 and September 2007, Bill and Peg worked diligently as missionaries. They began Bible studies, worked with orphanages, began micro investing projects, economic development projects, and much more.

In September 2007, Pastor Luis Alberto Reyes asked Bill to be the pastor of the new church. The church was to meet on the second floor. After several months and remodeling of the second floor, on March 15, 2008, The English Church was inaugurated.

The English Church not only continues to thrive, but it has also launched four more churches around Santo Domingo – The English Church SouthThe English Church East and The English Church West.


Elio Martiz
Cuba, Havana
Manny Fernandez
Cuba, Holguin

In 1985, Dr. Manny Fernandez and his wife, Glenda, moved to Spain to plant a church. It wasn’t long before he realized it was going to take more than focusing on one church at a time to truly multiply the number of people reached with the Gospel. It was then that God began to lead him to train others who would aid in the work of planting churches.

In 1991, World Link Ministries was founded and has become an evangelistic force training and deploying Christian leaders who are planting churches and saturating their regions with the Gospel.

In the last 26 years of faithful pastoral training, evangelism and church planting, through the efforts of the WLM team, the global church has experienced unprecedented growth.


Doc Henry

In 2008, Doc Henry started God Will Provide Ministries with just one teacher. Today, there are almost 25 teachers and 50 students. Some of the teachers are native English speakers and some of the teachers first language is Chinese.

The mission strategy is to use the Bible to teach English online with the purpose of making disciples through five levels of development.

1. The English Learner
2. Seeker
3. New Believer
4. Discipleship
5. Leadership

GWP students range from those who have no exposure to Christ, to those who are mature and eager to grow. The various areas of study help the student with different aspects of their English development while helping the teacher understand where the students are in their relationship to God.


Jerry & Janice Smith 

In 1979, Jerry and Janice Smith were appointed as foreign missionaries of the United States Assembly of God to Latin America. In May of 1980, the Smith Family arrived in El Salvador. Despite civil unrest and danger, they felt God’s blessing on their lives.

When their 4 year term of service ended in 1984, they were anxious for God to guide them to another place where they could be of greater service to the Lord. Jerry said, “If God called me to spread measles, I’d get the best case I could, and then I’d go where they didn’t have measles”.

The Smiths started looking at the map of South America and felt God nudging them to Ecuador, specifically Guayaquil. Before moving to Ecuador, Jerry received his Masters degree in Biblical Literature from the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary and in August of 1985, the Smiths moved to Guayaquil. At that time they took charge of a small church in a house located in Urdesa with around 50 people.

Pastor John Jerry Smith presents a positive and Bible-based message each week. He has a passion for children and most of the Church’s projects are focused on benefiting all those with limited resources, being provided with a quality education that will provide them with the necessary tools to become productive citizens and leaders in all areas of life.

The Christian Center of Guayaquil is currently the largest evangelical church in the city with a capacity for approximately 3,500 people and additional space for Christian education and ministries for children.


Tim & Crista Ashworth
Black Forest

The Ashworth Family serves the people of Europe based in Black Forest, Germany. They help by feeding the hungry, clothing the poor, praying for the sick, equipping pastors and local leaders, hosting God’s presence through praise and worship, and sharing Jesus’ love with all people.

Through expressions of daily life, the Ashworth family is building relationships and allowing God’s love to flow freely through them, and as a result, they are seeing people from all over Europe come to a saving relationship in Christ. Their mission is simple – release the Kingdom of God in this region of the world, one person at a time. To pour out God’s love on people in a way that transforms their hearts. To look into the eyes of the lost and forgotten, to touch them with the power of the Holy Spirit. To shine the Light into the darkest darkness. To counter fear with faith. To introduce people to Jesus. Read their most recent ministry update.

International Commission
Bucky Elliott As the media director for International Commission since 2016, Bucky Elliott gets to work with churches around the world to share the good news of Jesus in their communities and beyond, use media to tell stories of life transformation, and utilize technology to equip and mobilize believers for the Great Commission.

Bucky has been involved in global missions along with his family since 2006, sharing the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ in Germany, Ukraine, Ghana, Nepal, Mongolia, the Philippines, Argentina, Costa Rica, Cuba, Haiti, and the United States (so far).

How can you Go Beyond?
Pray that the churches Bucky and International Commission serve will continue to be effective in multiplying disciples. Pray for new staff members and for new partnerships in unreached areas. Join the IC Encounter prayer team.

Go on a mission trip with IC to share Jesus in the U.S. or overseas.

Give financially to support IC’s work or become a ministry partner for Bucky. Give an encouraging word through email.


Reach Out Youth Solutions
Randy Riggins

Reach Out Youth Solutions equips and multiplies leaders globally who influence the younger generation to follow Jesus.

Randy Riggins, President of Reach Out, oversees the creation of our brand new online training platform! This program is in multiple languages and enables leaders all over the world to learn Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry. Reach Out continues equipping youth leaders, parents, and students in over 30 countries!

Watch this short video from Randy about the amazing work God is doing through Reach Out. From villages in Africa to cities right here in Texas, souls are being saved!

Entire communities are being transformed through Christ as people are reached with the gospel. You can be a part of sharing Christ with the world!


Mike Gibson

Grangou Ministry Grangou is a Biblically-based ministry that runs a home for abandoned and at-risk children from the streets of Port au Prince.  Children in their program are schooled, sheltered, and spiritually cared for each day.Currently, they have 25 graduates living in transition apartments, 40 boys at their main property, and 11 girls at a second home they have rented.

Currently, the security and political climate of Haiti is deteriorating almost daily.  Kidnappings are at an all-time high, and several people Grangou works with have had to flee the country.  Thankfully, the kids they care for have remained safe and secure during this time.



Babychen & Susan Varghese

In 2006, Babychen and Susan Varghese   were called to ministry in North India. There they launched NPact Ministries to provide a holistic approaching to serving the people:

    • Biblical education
    • Establishing Bible-based urban churches
    • Contribute to the education and healthcare of the impoverished

Babychen and Susan all serve with BEE World India by providing seminary-level Biblical education to pastors and church leadership who live in restricted-access countries. BEE World in partnership with Babychen and Susan, currently train three hundred pastors in the tri-province area of northwest India. Pastors will travel hours and sometimes even days to attend these trainings.

BEE World India is also involved in providing targeted relief to hundreds of Christian victims of persecution in Orissa province and supporting a children’s home in Punjab province.

BEE World India’s goals include finishing the translation of the rest of their curriculum into Hindi and Punjabi, finding a Punjabi-speaking regional BEE India coordinator for Punjab province, and expanding ministry to orphans and the Christian victims of persecution.


Sastry Meesala

Pastor Kantharao Meesala is the founder and president of Rehoboth Ministries India a ministry focused on church planting, pastoral training, sewing school, orphanage ministry, and Jesus film ministry. Pastor Kantharao is the first-generation Christian saved from a Hindu religious background.

In India, there are many villages that have never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. RMI’s passion is to reach out to these remote villages and towns with the message of love and hope. RMI missionaries have planted several churches and many fellowship groups. Their aim is to plant churches in the most unreached areas by sending native missionaries.

The vision of the Tailoring Center is to equip ladies with tailoring skills for six months providing free teaching, financial aid and free sewing machines. As a result of this school, the women’s confidence will increase, as most are rescued from slavery and land lords and broker families.

India has 287 million illiterate adults. RMI takes the Gospel to these illiterate men and women though the Jesus Film. Right now, RMI has 23,000 converts ready for discipleship as a result of Jesus Film outreach.

In India, orphaned and abandoned children are facing unbelievable abuse and exploitation. A large percentage of these children end up living a life of crime, prostitution and addiction. Right now, 25 children are living at the orphanage. Before coming to us, most of them had never been to school, hardly had a meal a day, and had never had an opportunity to hear the Gospel. RMI provides them free housing, food, clothing, medication, and education at the public school, as well daily Bible teaching and prayer. They now have hope in Jesus Christ.

How can you Go Beyond?

  • Pray  for increased reach and gosepel impact in the lives of of every man, woman and child. Remember them daily by downloading their prayer card.
  • Go  on a short-term mission trip and help train native missionaries, work with orphan children, college students, and women and do evangelism.
  • Give  $50 for gas, power generator and film equipment for a showing of the Jesus Film. Give $150 and help a student to get training for a future. Send an encouraging word through email.

Dillon Chase & Family

In February 2020 we took a short term ministry trip to Okinawa, Japan. We worked with Pastor Tim Newell and a small church plant in the city of Nago. We did Multiple concerts, shared the gospel through a translator, and preached during Sunday morning service. Samantha taught a women’s bible study and helped with kid’s bible class. When we got back our hearts stayed burdened to reach Japan with the gospel. Over the last two and a half years we have kept up with and supported Pastor Tim and his family while working hard as a family to learn the language. The desire to go has grown, the opportunity is now open with country granting missionary visas, and the areas where God has gifted me and my family would be a suitable help for Calvary Chapel Nago.  

How can you Go Beyond?

  • Pray: 5 specific things you can pray over the Chase family:
    1. To be fully supported financially
    2. We faithfully serve Calvary Chapel Nago
    3. We become more fluent in Japenese
    4. We find housing within first two months
    5. Accessibility to therapy for our special needs son.
  • Give: Visit rageministries.tithelysetup.com to learn more and see how you can financially support the Chase family.

Mission H.E.L.P.
Tim & Lani Ackerman

Tim & Lani Ackerman founded Health Environmental and Learning Program (H.E.L.P.) in 1999. H.E.L.P. is an interdenominational Christian organization and community development program serving in the Himalayas.

Using the model of Jesus’ ministry to meet both the physical and spiritual needs of the poor, their focus is to equip the national church and assist them in developing their own community and ministering to people of all faiths. Through Christian Community Development in the areas of literacy, animal husbandry, health, agriculture, income generation, and environment preservation, H.E.L.P. serves the poor of the Himalayas in Asia.

God continues to use H.E.L.P. daily to alleviate the spiritual and physical poverty of the poor.

Ben & Csila Spink
Richard & Heather van der Dys

The Spink family lives outside of Targu Secuiesc in a village named Mereni in the Carpathian mountains. Ben runs a software business from home while Csilla oversees a well-developed horse riding business for special needs children and able bodied kids. Together they’re active in their church, doing Christian camps each summer as well as riding camps for children and teens.

They also help at-risk children through an after school program called  The Manna Foundationwhere 32 children get food, help with their school work, and interaction with lots of love and gospel truth.  There are extra curricular activities too including English classes with singing, art, horseback riding, and computer programming.

In 2016 Richard and Heather van der Dys moved from the US to join the Spink family on mission in Romania.


Serve at RPC

Serve at RPC

Serving the local body is a great way to grow spiritually and meet new people.

Serve Locally

Serve Locally

Your personal mission begins the moment you wake as ministry surrounds us every single day. 

Serve Globally

Serve Globally

RPC is actively involved in training and sending teams to be a witness where God has called us.

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Serving Opportunities & Events

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How We Support Others

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RPC Job Board

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