ALL Sunday morning classes are held at Founders Classical Academy. Shuttles run between RockPointe and Founders before and after classes. Please park at Founders and ride the shuttle whenever possible!


Life Wisdom from James
Sun | 9:30a | weekly
Led by Jim Davis: Growing happens naturally. Growing up takes work. We don’t wake up wise, and faith is not a reflex. Both take practice. James will help discover the practices of faith and wisdom that will help you grow up into Christ’s character. He challenges us to receive God’s wisdom—freely given and available to all—to fill in what we lack.

The Uniqueness of Proverbs
Sun | 9:30a | weekly
Led by David Belknap: Proverbs compiled numerous short instructions for living an effective life on earth. The various writers of the book were able to recognize the diverse circumstances of a person’s life and impart principles to apply in a variety of situations – providing wisdom and guidance.

The Certainty of Our Salvation – A Study of First John
Sun | 11:15a | ongoing weekly starting 1/12 
Led by Bill Hassell. The epistle of 1 John conveys different messages to different readers; however, at its core it is a pastor’s heartfelt letter to let his readers know with certainty that they have eternal life.  The believers John wrote to in this letter are much like believers today – they are all human. So, come join us as we explore John’s bold teachings on the hallmarks of all true believers in Christ. 

Following Jesus
Sun | 11:15a | 1/12 – 2/2
Led by Tino Smith. This class is designed to follow the life of Jesus. By doing so, you can develop a stronger relationship with and understanding of God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and Mankind. As a result, one can live liberated and have peace while obeying God, following Jesus, being guided by the Holy Spirit and “loving thy neighbor as thyself” while living out the Great Commission.

Living the Sent Life
Sun | 9:30a or 11:15a | 1 class, 2 time options | 3/29
Led by Brandi Miller & Ron Hogue. One step followers of Christ must take in their discipleship journey is to go “beyond.” This means living a life sent on mission by Christ, and for Christ. This class explains why living the sent life is living out our divine purpose just as Jesus did. We will also detail every “beyond” opportunity, both local and international, that is available through RockPointe, so that you can plan your time and choose your mission opportunities for 2020 in advance. This class was widely requested in the 2018 RPC survey!

Manage Our Finances God’s Way
Thurs | 6:30 – 8p | 4/2 – 5/7  childcare available
Led by Erik & Ronda Bauer. Using Crown Financial Ministries curriculum, this class offers small group interaction around biblical truth and practical skills to learn  how to manage your money God’s way. Topics covered are: The Big Picture, Dedicate It All to God, Plan Your Spending, Giving as Worship, Saving and Investing, God’s Solution to Debt, and Enjoy What You Have. Childcare is available with your registration for children age birth-5th grade. 

Your Work: More Than A Paycheck
Sun | 9:30a | 4/5, 4/19, 4/26
Led by Ron Newton. Work is just a paycheck, right? 75% of Christians in the workforce see no link between work days and church days. But, that’s not God’s design for work. He says that our work is an act of worship. His glory is to be evident in our work. Work is a place for us to minister. In this 3-session course, you’ll discover how to make these truths come alive in your job. Your work is much more than a paycheck.

Single Life 40+
Mon | 7p | 1st and 3rd | on site | Led by Tami Dahl
Single Life
Thurs | 7p | weekly | off site | Led by Jake & Amanda Ashford
These Single Life groups were created to foster a network for RockPointe singles and other fellow Christian singles within the Flower Mound/Argyle/Highland Village/Lewisville area, in a safe and friendly environment. Our desire is to challenge each other to grow in relationship with God and one another through authentic community. Singles of all life stages welcome!


Revelation | Just the Facts: We Win
Sun | 9:30a | weekly
Led by Steve Glaser: Despite all the erroneous predictions that we read about every day, most of us ignore the one place in which the future is clearly outlined. The Book of Revelation demonstrates that God has always had a plan for our lives. There are enough remarkable events depicted in the Book of Revelation that it needs no wild speculation or exaggeration to make it interesting. Join us to discover how “We Win!”

Letters to the Hebrews
Wed | 6a | weekly
Led by Gene Griffin: The Letter to the Hebrews shows the superiority of Christ and challenges the readers in the first century, as well as today, to encourage others in the church to persevere until our faith receives the promised eternal reward.


LIFT – Ladies in Fellowship Together
Sun | 9:30a | weekly
Led by Bobbie Glaser: Our Sunday Morning Women’s LIFT (Ladies In Fellowship Together) Class provides a safe, loving environment for all women to be enlightened and encouraged by the truth of God’s Word and to be equipped to share God’s truth with others. Topics and lessons vary throughout the year.

Psalms: God Reveals, We Respond
Tues | 6:30p | weekly starting 1/14
Wed | 10a | weekly starting 1/15

Led by Kris Murphy: This Bible study will explore the background, conditions and context, and how God reveals Himself to us through these Old Testament poems, prayers, and songs. We let the Psalms guide us in responding to God through the ebbs and flows of our lives today.

Bible Study Fellowship
Thurs | 9:30a | weekly 
Acts & Letters of the Apostles. This is the remarkable fulfillment of God’s plan through the powerful preaching of Peter, Paul, and the other apostles. Acts documents the infancy of the early Church from Jesus’ instruction of His apostles before His ascension to the day of Pentecost and the explosion of Christianity, which continues to this day.

If your day-to-day life isn’t leaving margin for in-depth studies, BibleStudyGo is for you! BSG is a flexible, on-the-go Bible study designed for small group discussion (with no homework) that can be completed in about an hour. Each BSG series comes a BSG host guide, 4 video teachings, and participant field guides. Now is the time to share hope, engage with others, and respond to truth.


Thurs | 6:45p | Fall & Spring
Hosted by RockPointe Married Life: Examine God’s design for marriage and apply Biblical principles to guide you toward growth in your relationship. Marriages in any condition can benefit, whether you’re thriving, struggling, or broken. Childcare available with registration for birth-5th grade.

Tues | 6:30p | Fall & Spring
Led by Steve & Karen Weart in the Fall and Yvonne & Rick Hales in the Spring: Healing from divorce is not easy and often painful and long. DivorceCare is a friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life’s most difficult experiences. Childcare available with registration for birth-5th grade.

Blended Smart Stepfamily
Sun | 11:15a | 2/2 – 3/22
The Smart Stepfamily,” by Ron Deal, is eight video-driven sessions that offer useable solutions for everyday living, practical tips for raising stepkids, and ways to strengthen your marriage. Meet other “blending” couples, learn how to handle unique stepfamily challenges, and share your struggles and triumphs! 

Theology of Marriage
Sun | 11:15a | 2/23 – 5/10
This interactive class examines issues of marriage, family, gender, and sexuality from a biblical perspective. What does God say about His purpose for marriage, roles for husbands and wives, sexual intimacy, sexual immorality, divorce and remarriage? How do we respond to a culture that is often at odds with God’s Word? This class could also be described as “learning truth and loving well!” Led by Brian Sanders and guest speakers. Space is limited, so register soon at rpc.fm/MLevents!